The Blessing of Pain

The following guest post was written by Esther and explores the topic of pain. With her permission, we’ve copied an excerpt of her article below with a link to read the full post on her website.

The Blessing of Pain

Here is just a little bit of my story of learning to know and trust God. I was born into a Christian family. Going to church and knowing what the Bible said was always valued and important. But there came a point when learning more things about God at church or in the Bible didn’t really change how I acted. I knew a lot of things and verses in the bible. I learned many bible stories and things like ‘do not be anxious in anything, because God cares for you’, or ‘God has good plans for you’. While I thought of myself as a good Christian and thought I believed the bible I never really lived my life like I believed God had the power to create the whole world or deliver the Israelites from battles they should have lost.

I didn’t really believe I could trust God and not be anxious when I felt awkward around a group of people. I would just try hard to avoid situations where I felt too awkward or uncomfortable instead of actually believing that He would help me to work through those situations. Instead of trusting that God actually had good plans for me, I would constantly worry and be down if things didn’t go the way I had planned or wanted them to go…

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