Why Women From First Free Should Heed God’s Call to Mentor

Why is it important for all Christian women to understand their biblical role? Because understanding God’s way is the best and only way to live a fulfilling and God-honoring life.

Paul says in Titus 2:3-5, that older women are to teach the younger women. In Romans 14:12, he also says that we will each give an account of ourselves to God. As Christ-followers we want to obey Him and know how we can live our life now in preparation for that account. We can start by better understanding and living out what our God-ordained role is as biblical women.

Biblical Womanhood Study

First Free offers a biblical womanhood study that equips women with the powerful truth of God’s Word. This study provides Truth to help a woman personally in her walk as well as helping others  have victory over difficult or challenging life situations.

The Bible clearly speaks on being a biblical woman and the Biblical Womanhood study unpacks this. When we seek His wisdom, His Word not only comforts us but it pierces our wayward hearts. His Word is authoritative and true regardless of culture, circumstances, or perceived relevance.

This summer was my third time taking the Biblical Womanhood Course and each time God has revealed areas in my marriage that I need His help to work on. God is clear throughout Scripture, that as a biblical woman I am to have absolute obedience and willing submission. This includes a willing heart attitude of submission as I obey my servant leader husband.

As women, all our commitments and chosen roles (single, married, worker in the home, worker outside the home, friend, leader…) are to line up and be subject to Scripture. This study gives clarity in the midst of cultural confusion regarding a Christian woman’s roles.

Call To Action

Application: Theology is never given in a vacuum; it is always given with the goal of application, change and growth. As Christ-followers, we are to know truth and apply it. Some of the significant transformational truths from the course which have helped equip me to be a better wife, mother and mentor to younger women came out of this study:

  • I have a God-given role to be a ‘helper’ to my husband but because of the effects of the fall I want to control my husband (usurp him, respond sinfully to him, disrespect him for not living up to my expectations, etc.). I must continuously recognize this fallen power struggle and sinful tendency. For me this plays out in wanting my husband to change, i.e. to communicate more, be more loving, be the spiritual leader, do more around the house, etc. Changing him is God’s job not my job.

  • Scripture teaches that as a woman I can be more easily deceived and therefore it is wise for me to submit graciously to the authority structure God has set up for me (husband, pastors, elders).

  • The Godhead’s relationship is my model of relationships—harmony in my marriage comes when I submit to this perfect divine pattern.

  • Focusing on my husband’s behavior misses the deeper issue—my own heart.

  • My love for Christ compels me to love my husband with the love of Christ. This means I die to my selfish desires no matter how he acts (hard!).

  • The Gospel truths must be applied in the here and now; in the mundane areas of my daily life, minute by minute. I grow when I choose to honor God in the small mundane decisions of life.

Why should a Christian woman mentor another younger woman?

God commands us to teach other women so they too can have and keep a firm and strong standing. We teach the younger women because the culture blatantly opposes and attacks God’s good design and proclaims that submission and authority are oppressive, outdated and offensive. God calls us to embrace biblical womanhood as our highest calling and we have a responsibility in Christ’s church to provide an example to the younger women of what it means to live as a biblical woman. We are called to raise up another generation and teach them.

A question to women in the church: Are you committed to fulfilling God’s call on your life but are hesitant in this area? Would some of these statements summarize your excuse? You feel you are inadequate or lack the knowledge to mentor? You currently  have your own pain and suffering going on so you feel disqualified because you are in need? You are constantly struggling in your own relationships? You don’t think you know the Bible well enough?

The Gospel does not make you free FROM struggle or weaknesses, it makes you free TO struggle and to rely on His all-sufficient grace. God allows suffering and trials in order to equip us for ministry! If having problems means we are disqualified from helping others then nobody would be helping anybody! Consider what God’s Word says:

  • God cannot and will not fail.

  • We know God doesn’t use perfect people.

  • It is not about our ability; it is about our availability.

  • God perfects us as we make ourselves available to be used by him.

  • All of us are ‘works in progress’ God uses.

  • We are imperfect and He uses that for our good and His glory.

We need not rely on our strength alone because when He calls, He also equips. Rest assured—He equips, enables and provides.

Older women, your physical health may not be what it used to be, but this is the time of life for your spiritual health to shine as an example to younger women. Also, those of us who are younger would do well to pray for our older sisters in the faith. Do we treasure the legacy and esteem the example of older Christians like Paul teaches? Are we teachable and willing to learn from another wise woman?

We are blessed to have an inter-generational church at First Free. All of us need to obediently establish relationships with women who are not exactly like us; women who can help us practice godliness and pursue holiness in the midst of the world’s strong pull.

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