What is the Gospel? Part 3: Christ

“What will break into the dark night with a beam of light?”

We were made for worship and relationship. We have seen that sin is exchanging our worship of the creator to creation (Romans 1:25) and it ruptures our relationship with God. This is devastating. If it was up to us we would never get out of this guilty state. We need a rescuer. What will put things right? What will break into the dark night with a beam of light? What will give hope?

The Gospel and “happily ever after”

This is how most Disney and many modern movies feel up until the last 10 minutes. There seems to be no hope remaining. Either the princess is going to die or somehow the evil villain will win. What commonly climaxes in these movies is someone lays down his life and somehow with faith, trust and pixie dust his sacrifice powerfully substitutes for the one in trouble and everyone lives happily ever after. Now I am not saying we just need some Disney prince to come our way and lay down his life. But this points to a reality that deep down we all understand. We are helpless without a rescuer. In order to mend this broken relationship with God we can do nothing, we are simply helpless.

“We are helpless without a rescuer.”

That rescuer, the one who makes all things right is Jesus Christ! Jesus is fully God and yet became fully man (John 1:1). As born to a virgin not like any other man but by God (Luke 1:26-30).  He comes to this earth as a man to live among His people. Jesus planned for all eternity to come to earth and to live the perfect life. This is in great contrast to the first man Adam. Adam sinned and caused all creation to fall (Rom 5:12). Christ never sinned and by His life, His wounds, His death, and His resurrection we are restored! Jesus Christ came as our substitute and rescuer.

The Gospel is mind blowing

Remember how I mentioned (in the previous post) that since we have rebelled against a holy God that our sin cannot go unpunished? Well Jesus coming to earth did not change the gravity of our sin. This is mind blowing that Jesus died the death that we deserve if we trust in Him. God will punish our sin and rebellion either on us or on Christ it is up to us to decide if we will trust Christ to do it for us 2000 years ago on the cross. This is the wrath of God on our rebellion and sin, poured out on the perfect substitute (Romans 3:21-26).

Christ died the death we deserve but did not stay dead. He rose from the grave! He conquered sin and death and is now ruling in heaven at the right hand of God (Mark 16:19; Luke 22:69). Death could not hold Christ down. He will one day return to bring us to be with Him forever! We were created for the presence of God! That is the most satisfying and fulfilling relationship and place to be! The greatest thing Christ could do for us is to fix our broken relationship so we would be able to worship God and enjoy Him forever.

Christ was perfectly righteous and the Bible says if we trust in Christ to take away our sins we also get His righteousness credited to us (2 Corinthians 5:21). We don’t just have our dirty rags removed but they are replaced with white robes so we can live our life to glorify God and enjoy Him for all eternity.

Author Bio

David received a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from University of Northwestern–St. Paul and is currently working toward earning his Master of Divinity from Bethlehem College and Seminary.

David is the youngest of five, with four older sisters. He met his wife, Kelsey, in Austria through Shamineau International. They were married in 2010. David enjoys the outdoors in all seasons, from swimming on a 90 degree day or camping when it is -40 degrees. When he is outside he loves cycling, running, hunting, fishing, camping and reading a book with a cup of coffee watching the sunrise. He also enjoys woodworking and making stuff with his hands.

David loves people and spending time with anyone. Anyone who joins him on the dock fishing and will talk about the glorious grace of Christ!

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