The Widow’s Generosity

With His back against the wall, He sat watching the crowd deposit their coins at the temple.  

In the midst of the hubbub and commotion of people hawking their wares and scurrying along the street, Jesus was watching the treasury with precision focus.

Weary of the wealthy’s loud and proud coin-tossing show, Jesus remained still, knowing she would come. Knowing that the Father would do more with her offering than with all the cash in the Roman Empire.

As it was time for Jesus to move along, she came. Cupped safely in her hand, Jesus knew she was holding tight to two small coins. So small that as she moved through the crowd, no one heard them clinking together.

But He heard them, rattling in her hand. Those two coins would change the world, and Jesus was thrilled to be witness to this amazing event.

As the unpretentious woman neared the temple, Jesus gathered His friends to Him. Excitedly, He pointed her out. The disciples watched obediently, not exactly sure what they were seeing.

What was the big deal about this poor lady? It wasn’t like she was important or that she was going to make a big dent in the finances of the temple. Why was Jesus so enthusiastic?

While His disciples may have been looking at the financial value of the person, Jesus saw the sacrifices of the heart.

With a deep breath the widow released her coins knowing she would have to trust the Lord to fill her family’s stomachs. There was nothing else. As she turned away, the widow pulled her shawl tightly around her shoulders and said a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord.

Jesus stood in the middle of His disciples and explained, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others.”

Peter, James, John, and the other disciples, especially Judas, stared at their Lord with looks of intense confusion.

Jesus continued, “They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

The widow’s generosity, her sacrifice, was of far greater value to the Lord than the value of her coins.

God wants us to give with our hearts focused on Him. Does this motivate us, the First Free Family, to greater generosity?

Author Bio

Gianna Kordatzky has been a part of the First Free family since 1997. She graduated from Northwestern College (now University of Northwestern–St. Paul) in 1999 with a B.A. in youth ministry which prepared her and her husband, Chris, to raise four amazing kids. She is one of the founders of Family Fun Twin Cities and the Moms in Prayer leader for Bel Air Elementary in New Brighton. Gianna is passionate about serving families whether she is volunteering with New Life Family Services in St. Paul or overseas at the ELIC conference.

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