The Church As His Treasure

This sermon was given on Sunday, June 14, 2015 by Todd Olson as part of the sermon series Why Church?.

Application Questions

Living the Christian life is not something we are to do alone. It is not an individual sport, it is a corporate entity, and this entity, the church, has a high calling to be the visible representation of the invisible God. 

  1. God has called every one of us to function as His ambassadors. As His ambassador’s it is the churches job to represent Him 24/7. Does your life, your very presence, reveal Him to others? Explain what this looks like?
  2. When we became ambassadors for Christ, our life ceases to be our own. We represent God’s purposes to the people He places in our lives. How could this ambassador focus change the way your respond to your family, children or coworkers?
  3. We are all ministers of the Gospel. Does the way you speak to others in the church demonstrate you are faithfully representing the Lord? What about your tone or actions?
  4. As His body, as His treasure, as His ambassador, as His agenda to accomplish His goal, you have been sent by The King. As you follow His example, do your words and responses to others demonstrate confidence that the Gospel is the power of God to save as well as the power to live right now?
  5. Are you being trained and equipped by His Word? Does this equipping keep you from letting your feelings determine what is true?  Can you honestly say Scripture determines your feelings?
  6. Let’s imagine that starting Monday and through the week, every thought, attitude, motive, word, and action was recorded and played back on Sunday morning for you and others to see and hear.  Would others see a week of you esteeming Christ in the mundane moments of each day? What would you say needs to change in your thinking, habits, and desires?
  7. If you were asked, “What are you giving your life to?” what would be your answer? Is it eternal and for Kingdom purposes? If it is not, you can choose right now to seek His eternal purposes.
  8. How will you become a better member and contribute to the health of God’s church? 

Let’s always pray and encourage our leaders and as the Church, as ambassadors for Christ, let us remember we are the visible representation of the invisible God in our marriages, in our friendships, in our parental roles, in our jobs, and in the body of believers, His church. Daily ask…“How can I best represent the King right here right now and with this person?”