The Church As His Community

This sermon was given on Sunday, June 28, 2015 by Todd Olson as part of the sermon series Why Church?.

Sermon Notes

  1. We need to understand the importance of spiritual gifts. 1-11
    • Romans 12:3-8; Ephesians 4:11-13; 1 Peter 4:7-11
  2. We are baptized by the Holy Spirit into the church at our conversion. 12-13
  3. God gives gifts to each individual for the sake of others in the church. 14-20
  4. We need each other in the church because God designed it that way. 21-26
  5. The church is the body of Christ, individually and corporately. 27-30

Application Questions

When you trusted in Christ, you became a child of God and you inherited many new brothers and sisters. We are a family of believers, we are connected to one-another.

  1. The church is your new family. As you think about your new family name some things you might have to put up with?
  2. You still have a tendency to turn back toward sin because you still have the “flesh.” Why is it tempting to live life as an independent Christian? Why is that dangerous?
  3. You might think you don’t have to be involved in this new family or you are someone who just doesn’t have time for your family but your absence handicaps the church. Where have you neglected your spiritual family?
  4. You have supernatural gift(s) given by God to strengthen the body. What do you think your spiritual gift is?
  5. One of the one-another passages is to serve one another. Would you consider serving the widow or widower by taking them to lunch after church? The gift of our love and time to another is priceless.
  6. God chose his church to be diverse and unique but everyone in the body has been divinely placed. With whom are you in conflict or with whom do you need to confess?
  7. You have many brothers and sisters in the body of Christ who can encourage you, lift you up when you are down, and help give you rides when you are in need. Are you humble enough to accept this love and ask for help when you need it?
  8. Look for one person in the body to encourage this week. Would you go out of your way to be there for that person? Show them the love of Christ and be the invisible representation of the invisible God.
  9. Many Christians neglect gathering together with one another. Have you been tempted to do the same? Why do you sometimes make up an excuse for not going to church?