The Church as His Body

This sermon was given on Sunday, June 21, 2015 by Todd Olson as part of the sermon series Why Church?.

Application Questions

  1. Diversity among the church is God-given. Why is a diverse body of believers a beautiful thing?
  2. It is not easy to be patient and gentle. And giving grace does not come naturally. Why is it so hard to admit wrong sometimes? Why do we feel a need to defend?
  3. God has made each one of us with preferences. We tend to gravitate to people who share many of our same preferences. What are some of your personal preferences?
  4. How have, or how could, these differences cause unnecessary conflict?
  5. Unity is built on the foundation of Christ and is unique because it relies on the Holy Spirit.  The same Spirit that is in you is in me and when we put aside insignificant differences and preferences and work together for the Gospel we advance his Kingdom. What can you do to participate in the unity of the Spirit?
  6. God expects the church to be characterized by unity and he commands the church to be diligent to preserve this unity. Does this characterize you?
  7. Are you taking advantage of the abundant grace in Christ so that you can give that same grace to your brothers and sisters?
  8. Only because of the cross is that grace made available to you every day. Thinking about when you last experienced conflict, how could you have responded more biblically? What might you be led to do now?
  9. Because unity requires humility, gentleness, patience, and forbearing love, what trait do you need to grow in?
  10. Do you know what it looks like to speak truth in love? All Christians are broken people. You will be sinned against by fellow believers. You will live with family members who love Jesus yet still fail to live in accordance with the Bible. When this happens, are you quick to knock them down or are you gentle in your reaction?

May the church be characterized by grace and spiritual maturity. May we all be drawn together in unity around truth.