The Church is not for Spectators

This sermon was given on Sunday, November 15, 2015 by Todd Olson as part of the sermon series Members of One Another.

Application Questions

  1. Thinking right the minute we get out of bed in the morning is critical. Minute by minute we must choose to present our bodies (minds) to live sacrificial lives. Sanctification is not passive. 

    • CALL TO ACTION: Today, watch what you put into your mind and choose one ungodly thought to renew.
  2. Think with sober judgment. Examine your character today and humbly place your heart before the undistorted trustworthy mirror of the Bible.

    • CALL TO ACTION: Is there a character flaw God wants you to work on in His strength?

(discontentment, argumentativeness, judging others, self righteousness, blame shifting anger, fear)

Begin right now to do your part to mortify that sin.

Sermon Notes

  1. Live Sacrificially. 1-2

    • A gospel based appeal to live sacrificial lives of worship. 1
    • A command to not be worldly but to pursue God’s will. 2
  2. ​Live Soberly. 3-8

    • We are to live life together in humility. 3
    • The church has many members but is one Body in Christ. 4-5
    • We have different gifts that are to be used in the Body. 6