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The City

UPDATE: The City will be closing down on March 1, 2019. We are researching alternate platforms as a replacement.

The City is an online social network that focuses on groups that you are connected with, or want to be connected with, at church. This tool helps build constant community by connecting church members throughout the week through encouragement, event updates and prayer requests.

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Why should I be on The City?

As First Free grows, it can be hard to know everyone and everything that’s happening and The City provides a platform for communication and connectedness. With photos and contact information, it also serves as a virtual directory.

Can I join The City?

Anyone who attends First Free can join the city! Just fill out this form to receive an invitation. Spouses can not share emails and join The City. You must each have a different email address.

Is it the same as other social networks?

No. The City is focused on connecting you with groups at First Free. The City won’t create artificial communities, but will support and encourage real community that happens outside of this platform.

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