Capital City Church

Capital City Church is a church plant from First Evangelical Free Church and launched in March of 2019.

Jesus teaches his followers to love God with our whole heart, soul, strength, and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. He teaches us to proclaim his name and to make disciples for him. And he commands us to remember the marginalized—the “least of these.”

This is at the very core of Jesus’s teaching, yet few Evangelical churches in America do any of these things well. Why is that?

After 2 years in the Christian walk, Evangelicals tend to know almost no non-Christians well enough to have any kind of meaningful relationship with them. Christians don’t spend time with non-Christians. They don't invite them into their homes. They’re not there for them in their darkest or brightest hours. Christians don’t work alongside non-Christians to improve their neighborhood—or anything else. In an effort to not be of the world, it seems many Christians aren’t even in it. This is not what Jesus called us to.

Evangelicals used to be uncontested leaders in the areas of mercy ministry and social justice—which are deeply rooted in the teachings of Jesus and the biblical concepts of justice for the orphan, widow, immigrant and oppressed. Christians today are not known for civic engagement, but withdrawal.

We hope to be a small part of God’s reversal of these trends toward a more balanced and historic Christianity.

At Capital City, we will be deeply committed to our neighborhoods. We will befriend our neighbors. We’ll join local clubs. We will proclaim the beautiful story of God’s redemption and reconciliation, and we will serve the marginalized in our communities.

We will read with children in the libraries after school. We’ll mentor at-risk youth. We’ll partner with the Salvation Army. We will serve the refugee, immigrant, and asylum seeker, just as the Bible teaches us to.

And we need your help.

Come join us. Love God, and love your neighbor.

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